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British born born with no brain learns how to count and surf after receiving treatment in Australia – Shelley and Rob Wall, from Cumbria, Britain, have taken the youngster to a brain-training centre in Australia where he.

months into her pregnancy that her unborn son had a raft of health problems.

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For older people, weight training is.

Music improves brain health and function in many ways.

There’s evidence that a little bit of music training goes a long way. As little as four years of music lessons were found to improve certain b.

However, the principles used to train you up into a gymnast should be used in your daily training routine.

GST believes that when there is no brain there is no gain. And Sommer doesn’t mean the pai.

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No more long weekends or public holidays for a while means many of us are easing back into a regular health and fitness routine.

Once you emerge from formal training, keep learning. Your brain keep.